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Blind Spot Detection Displays

Muth Mirror Systems developed a next-generation LED display application in 2006, which we termed Blind Spot Detection Display, or BSDD. Muth’s BSDD collaborates with radar sensing vendors (Autoliv, Continental, Hella) to enhance the safety of the vehicle by conveniently displaying an icon to the driver in the outside mirrors when another vehicle, or object, is in its Blind Spot.

Muth currently offers our global customers numerous versions of our Blind Spot Displays and today this technology is used on many popular Ford, Mazda, GM, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Jaguar and Land Rover models. Muth Mirror Systems was the inventor of this LED mirror technology and is a world leader in this next-gen LED mirror-based safety application as we have shipped over 15 million units of our BSDD product and Signal Mirror® technology to our customers.

How BSDD Works

The Blind Spot Detection Display is an active driver safety assistance alert that informs the driver when a vehicle, or object, is in its blind spot. The radar sensors are positioned in the rear quarter panel of the vehicle and emit a sweeping radar beam that covers both sides of the vehicle from the outside mirror position to about 10 feet back. If the radar sensor detects a vehicle in the right side blind spot, then the Muth BSDD indicator icon will appear in the driver’s right side mirror and same for the left side. The system alerts the driver at high speeds as well at low speeds.

There are over 500,000 lane-changing and merging accidents in the U.S. each year and these products are designed to dramatically lower those incidents. This system can also be used for Cross-Traffic Warning, which is when a driver is backing out of a stall, or parking spot, and does not have good vision of what’s approaching from the left, or right. If another vehicle is approaching, the Muth BSDD icon will appear in the outside mirror on the appropriate side where that vehicle is coming from.